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Are You Moving To Washington?

Named for the first president of the United States. Washington is a state in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. With more than 7.4 million people, Washington is the 18th largest state, with an area of 70,000 square miles, and the 13th most populous state.

Washington is a breathtaking wonderland of perfectly landscaped beauty. It has more glaciers than the other 47 contiguous states put together, with a classic Pacific Northwest terrain marked by the Cascades and a treasured coast.

With a booming job market fueled by the tech industry in the Seattle area, along with a temperate climate, it’s easy to see why Washington is one of the most popular states in the country.

Washingtonians enjoy some of the highest incomes in the nation, ranking 12-highest in terms of per-capita personal income. This is also one of seven states that don’t pay state individual income tax.

If you’re moving to Washington, there are a lot of things you’re going to need to know. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place.

Moving to Washigton

Pros and Cons of Living in Washington

Here are a few pros and cons to consider as you make your move to The Evergreen State:

  • Scenic Beauty Washington State is abundant with stunning scenic beauty. It comprises coastal beaches, fishing locations, several beautiful parks, hiking trails, rain-forests covered with moss, adventurous mountains, and crystal-clear lakes.
  • Good Job Opportunities Washington State is the home for several big companies such as Microsoft, Costco, Starbucks, Boeing, and Amazon, and thus have unlimited availability of jobs with decent pay rate.
  • Relatively Low Tax In Washington State, residents aren’t required to pay a corporate or personal income tax.
  • Climate As per a study, per year Washington State gets around 73 inches of rain, which does keep it green and lust, but will also result in about 150 rainy days per year and several cloudy days.
  • Traffic Because of the immense opportunity to make your life through great education and career opportunities, lots of people move to Washington State and populate it.
  • Expensive Living in Washington State doesn’t come cheap as with the high income, the price of the average home also increases.
Tax Rates

Washington State has no income tax, yet a notoriously high sales tax to offset having no income taxes. Washington State’s income tax is set at 6.5%, but each city has an additional sales tax that can skyrocket this number as high as 10.4%.

Housing Market

In Washington, single-family homes (excluding condos) had an area-wide median sales price of $ 830,000. That’s $ 370,000 more than condos (almost 80% more).

What Should I Know In 2021?

Economy Outlook

Washington continues to reinvent itself on multiple fronts as a modern Creative Economy. Thanks to efforts to expand broadband connectivity statewide, rural communities are beginning to become havens for technology-based startups, from gaming and mobile apps to big data. Urban cores in major cities are enjoying a renaissance, attracting younger workers and families who enjoy the convenience of living and working in energetic downtowns.

Local business legends such as Amazon, Costco, Paccar, Nordstrom, and Starbucks are being joined by other companies that want to leverage Washington’s pioneer spirit and reputation for amazing ideas, including Facebook, SpaceX, Twitter, Google, and Apple.

Washington falls in the top 10 economies of the US, with the state showing no signs of slowing down. Huge tech giants like Amazon and Microsoft are headquartered in the state, apart from the famous gaming company Valve, telecom giants T-Mobile and of course, Starbucks. This clearly gives an idea of how massive the job market in Washington is.

The state’s reputation as a Tech Hub seems to be growing at an electrifying pace. A promising job market awaits for those seeking opportunities as a Hardware Engineer, Software Developer, and Website Developers, among other tech-related jobs. An interesting statistic is that Washington’s average minimum wage in an hour comes up to $33.24. That’s another positive sign considering it’s the second-highest average minimum wage in the US.

Another industry that offers very lucrative opportunities in Healthcare. Physicians and Surgeons from different areas of the medical field are paid really well. In fact, these jobs could even fetch as much as $20,000 per month in wages, depending on how experienced you are and where you get the opportunity. Washington also has a reputation for being a state suited for entrepreneurs and Business.

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Traffic & Transportation

There are several transportation options in Washington to get around the state. The transportation infrastructure is not bad at all, with the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) taking charge of all the maintenance and development of essential infrastructure. Washington is not a small state by any means, with over 20,000 lane-miles of roadways to show for it. Then there are also approximately 3,000 bridges for vehicles.

In terms of the modes of public transportation, the state has buses, trains, interstate flights and even ferries. If you have your own vehicle, it will surely make your life easier when looking to explore some of the more remote and offbeat destinations in Washington. However, each mode of transportation won’t necessarily be accessible in all corners of the state.

An important thing to know is that the i-5 is the primary state highway of Washington. It’s what you take to travel from the Northern end of the state, all the way down to California in the south. Washington has several US Highways and Interstate Highways which create convenient interstate and even intercity roadways. The WSDOT does have Bus and Ferry services. However, accessibility is restricted to certain regions or cities only.

Cost of living

The cost of living in Washington is ranked at 46 in terms of housing affordability and 37 overall. So clearly, Washington is an expensive place to stay. When you consider its median home value at $497,180 (according to Zillow), as compared to the national average of approximately $281,370, you see how big a margin there is.

Fortunately, Utilities and Healthcare costs are cheaper in Washington compared to the national average. Due to the booming economy, the median price of an existing home sold in April rose 19.1% year-over-year to $341,600. So that makes it a tad bit easier to afford the higher cost of living.

This is where things get tricky. If you’re going to be living in Seattle, your rent will definitely be one of the highest in all of the US. Seattle rents are down by 19.5% in comparison to the same time last year but have seen small declines in recent months. Currently, the average rent in Seattle is $2,156 for a one-bedroom, and $3,350 for a two-bedroom. Fortunately, there are some cities and neighborhoods where the price is much lower.

Moving to Washington

Things to Know When Moving To Washington

Washington Climate

Washington has two distinct climate zones. Mild, humid, summer days west of the Cascades rarely rise above 26°C (79°F), and winter days seldom drop below 8°C (46°F) while the east of the state has warm summers and cool winters.


Average Salary for Washington $74k. Most common jobs in Washington State: Elementary and middle school teachers, retail salespersons, drivers/sales workers and truck drivers, secretaries and administrative assistants, agricultural workers including animal breeders

Real Estate

The median price of condos sold in April was $460,000, which is an increase of 6.98% from a year ago.

Average Income

As of May 20, 2021, the average annual pay for the Average jobs category in Washington is $69,142 an year.


The biggest industries in Washington are:
-Food And Agriculture
-Aerospace And Construction
-Information And Communication Technology

Crime Rankings

The state's violent crime rate is 3.1 incidents per 1,000. That's slightly higher than last year's rate of 3.0, but still below the national violent crime rate of 3.7.

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