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Today we are going to look at two very different states that are also very similar. Texas and California. So, you are probably wondering how two places can be so different and so similar at the same time. Both states are 2 of the most populated states. Both are two of the largest in the area. Both are two of our economic powerhouses. More people left California than moved in from other states Texas being the exact opposite. Both are well over their quota for professional sports teams, and according to this chart by the US Census Bureau, both states are swapping residents. The most moved to the state for Californians is Texas and the most moved to the state for Texans is California.

People are just bailing there’s a mass exodus out of California right now, California once called the golden state is known for its Hollywood stars amazing beaches, great year-round weather with beautiful topography all sorts of cultures, and great food, California seems like a perfect place to live.

However, in recent years there has been a mass exodus of people leaving the state since 2015 California has been losing more than a hundred thousand people each year who have moved to other states, and every single year it appears more and more people, Joe Rogan, Elon Musk, Ben Shapiro, and Graham Stephen are leaving and hundreds of thousands of other people have begun leaving the state have all packed their bags and chosen to move out of California to other states like Texas and Nevada. So why exactly is everyone leaving California to move to Texas?


Moving to Texas from California is a big move and there are definitely pros and cons to consider! Depending on your situation and goals these pros and cons may be the reasons you do or don’t make the move.

Texas city

Median Home Price

I’m going to give you some pros and some cons that may help you make the decision on whether or not it’s right for you and your family to make that move from California to texas so one thing that I think everybody knows cannot be argued texas is the definite winner when it comes to affordability and the reason why I say that looking at the median home price comparing texas to California.

California your median sales price of a home is 706 thousand dollars compared to texas’s 261 thousand dollars you can afford a lot more, here in texas your money is going to go a lot further especially when it comes to purchasing real estate.


Also looking at taxes. Texas does not have a state income tax in California the very minimum state income tax somebody is going to pay is 9.3 percent now the more money you make in California the more taxes you’re going to pay the top tier for taxes in California is 13.3 so if you’re in that top tier and you’re paying 13.3 a year in taxes in California that’s a 13.3 percent difference because again in Texas. it’s a zero percent income tax no matter what your income bracket is also when it comes to sales tax there’s a big difference there as well California is taxing their sales tax at 7.25 where texas is at 6.25. it is definitely clear that when it comes to affordability and your money going as far as you can take it texas is by far the winner in that matchup.

Business Opportunity

I want to talk about is the business, the opportunity that exists here in Texas.

Texas is a very business-friendly state in fact there are 50 fortune 500 companies here operating in the state right now and more companies are coming all the time now when you compare that to California.

California is actually ranking number 48 of all 50 states in the business climate and business regulatory burden so there’s no wonder why so many businesses are exiting the state of California and a lot of them are landing right here in texas so if you have a business that you want to move here or you want to start a business before you do that you should really consider making the move because Texas is going to be a very good state for you to start your business.


Now something that is super important to all of us is the food we love food so texas is a great place to be for it actually ranks number one in the country for food there’s a town called Roanoke is actually the unique dining capital of texas they’ve got a ton of great stuff there and more stuff coming but to be fair California is not far behind they actually rank number two and if you are into Mexican food southern California has the absolute best Mexican food on the planet hands down all right I’m stacking the deck really in favor of Texas.


So one last point to make that you are going to love texas is one of the most hospitable states in the country actually, according to texas is ranking number four in the country for its hospitality where California is actually ranking 40th I know you’ve heard of southern hospitality it is not a myth move to texas and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

State Management

Texas is probably the best-run state in the country and it’s huge is hard enough to consistently string a couple of good years together for a small state Texas has been making the right moves for a very long time great economy employment numbers are solid always crime isn’t the worst and schools are solid in most the areas of the state now. Texas has good averages on just about everything when it comes to state government California on the other hand it’s a frickin nightmare that’s one of the main reasons people are fleeing California is how the state is running the place.

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