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Did you know that Idaho is the fastest-growing state in the US? People often associate Idaho with potatoes but today, Idaho has grown many past potatoes. Idaho offers a plethora of healthcare, government, and tech jobs. This coupled with a low cost of living has attracted droves of people to settle in Idaho.

Idaho is a colorful state, from the gorgeous oaks along the Salmon River to the distinctive blue football field of Boise State. Heading north from Boise to the mountains along the Payette River popular for tubing & Rafting. then a scenic drive of Rt 97 along the waterfront ending at beautiful Cour d’Alene.

Idaho, Situated between Canada and Nevada on the western side of the Rocky Mountains, Idaho is vast. With rugged mountains in its central area, verdant hillsides, endless farmlands with open vistas and rapid rivers, Idaho is the land of agriculture, fun outdoor activities and charming small towns. Idaho is home of the cosmopolitan Boise, the University of Idaho, the magnificent Sun Valley, historic Custer and many other great places to visit. Idaho’s nickname is the Gem State.Idaho is a vacation paradise, offering everything from unforgettable wilderness camping experiences and high-end resorts geared for outdoor adventurers to sparkling lakes, soaring mountains and pristine rivers. If you’re planning to head to the Gem State, you won’t want to miss visiting at least some of these great places.

The Snake River in Idaho Falls in what is known as the Greenbelt, a system of trails with parks and a waterfall in Idaho Falls. The spring is the peak season to see the falls at their best. Also. Check out also the Idaho Falls Zoo has lions, sloths, penguins, a petting zoo, and more. Coeur d’Alene is known for its water sports and trails in the Canfield Mountains & Cordalen national forests.

If you’re moving to Idaho from California or from another state, there are a lot of things you’re going to need to know. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place.

Moving Service in Idaho

Moving to Idaho Pros and Cons

Here are a few pros and cons to consider as you make your move to The Gem State:

  • Idaho is one of the safest states in the country. The state also has one of the highest police per citizen ratio in the country.
  • Idaho is very clean. You will be hard-pressed to see a pile of garbage in the state that is not a dumping site.
  • The cost of living in Idaho is relatively low. The degree to which you can stretch a dollar in Idaho is astounding.
  • You will experience all four seasons intensely when you live in Idaho.
  • The infrastructure in Idaho is not built to handle a large population. Traffic jams and commute times pay testament to the above statement.
  • The population of Idaho is predominantly white. The people lack an adequate level of diversity which can be daunting to minorities.
  • There is virtually no public transportation in Idaho. You will have to buy your own vehicle.
Tax Rates
  • Property Tax: Ranked #15 in the nation, Idaho has an effective real-estate tax rate of 0.75%.
  • Sales Tax: Base sales tax rate is 6%. Combined with local taxes, the total rate can be up to 9%.
  • Income Tax: Ranges from 1.125% to 6.925%. Individual income tax is graduated.
Housing Market

Idaho home prices have risen in the first few months of 2021. However, Idaho offers great overall value, especially for people moving from California and other costly states. Housing prices are currently as affordable as the national average. Median rent is low, but it can be difficult to find a place in Boise. The average median listing price of homes in Idaho is $323,274.

What Should I Know In 2021?

Economy Outlook

Today, Idaho’s largest industry is the science and technology sector. It accounts for over 25% of the state’s revenue and over 70% of the state’s exports. Idaho’s industrial economy is growing, with high-tech products leading the way.

The latest economic forecast from the Idaho Division of Financial Management doesn’t come with a warning label, but it certainly isn’t for the faint of heart. Virtually all of the changes stem from the coronavirus pandemic and related economic turmoil.

Similarly, more than 26.5 million Americans filed initial unemployment claims in the past six weeks or about 1 of every 6 nonfarm workers in the country. In Idaho, the figures are 109,000 and 1-in-7 workers.

That’s a huge turnaround from earlier in the year. Unemployment rates in February dipped to 3.5 percent nationally and 2.7 percent in Idaho. Rates were expected to remain below 4.4 percent through 2023.

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Traffic & Transportation

Boise — The Treasure Valley isn’t known for a plethora of public transportation options, but there are more ways to get around without a car than you might think.

Valley Regional Transit, the metro area’s public transportation agency, shoulders the largest burden of carrying riders in and around Ada and Canyon counties with fixed-route buses and specialty programs to help move people in unique circumstances.

The City of Boise is working with the Ada County Highway District and Valley Regional Transit to create a bus rapid transit system along State Street, one of the busiest roads in the Treasure Valley. They also want to see denser development there.

Boise and Coeur d’Alene. The two ends of Idaho are connected by the US-95. The I-84 is the main highway in South and Southeastern Idaho. Other major highways in the state include US-89, US-91, US-93, US-2, US-12, US-20, US-26, US-30, 1-15, 1-86, I-90, and I-184. Major airports in the state of Idaho include Boise International Airport, Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport, Lewiston-Nez Perce County Airport, Magic Valley Regional Airport, Idaho Falls Regional Airport, and Pocatello Regional Airport. Idaho has three transcontinental railroads; The Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad, The Union Pacific Railroad, and The Canadian Pacific Railway.

Cost of living

Idaho is a state of great natural beauty. The state has a strong and diversified economy with many job opportunities. The state also has a very low crime rate and the education system is average.

An ex-pat moving to Idaho will happily find an outdoor wonderland. The state’s natural beauty is breathtaking and the landscape deserves to be called a gem. Other than the climate the city has a low cost of living which makes it an even better place to live. The state of Idaho is the perfect place for outdoor recreation and the people you meet will bear witness to that. Most people in Idaho own their homes and agriculture is still a major part of their economy.

Idaho is not the richest place in the country but there are some necks of the woods where you can live very well. Most people will judge the area they are going to be living in on standards such as cost of living, home prices, rental rates, and safety. Based on the above factors, the best places to live in Idaho include Boise, Moscow, Sun Valley, Sugar City, Meridian, Ketchum, Eagle, Ammon, Hailey, Garden City, Pocatello, Idaho Falls, Rexburg, Hayden, and St. Anthony.

In Boise the cost for a family of four: $ 866 for housing, $ 774 for food, $ 1,170 for child care, $ 1,206 for transportation, $ 1,035 for medical care, $ 662 for other necessities, and $ 843 for taxes, for a grand total of $ 6,555 per month or $ 78,660 per year.

Next, we will take a look at Idaho Falls. Expense breakdown: $ 739 for housing, $ 736 for food, $ 1,068 for childcare, $ 1,221 for transportation, $ 1,104 for medical care, $ 595 for other needs, and $ 758 for taxes, which equates to $ 6,221 for month or $ 74,647 per year.

– Median Home Cost is 32% cheaper in Idaho Falls.

Moving to Idaho

Things to Know When Moving To Idaho

Idaho Climate

Idaho has diverse climate types, with a predominantly continental flavor in the central and eastern regions. Idaho, the Gem State, is home to rugged mountain ranges, grassy valleys, arid plains, and fertile lowlands.


As of today, the largest industry in Idaho is Science and Technology. The industry is responsible for a quarter of the state’s revenue and 70% of its exports. Semiconductor manufacturing is a large part of the tech sector in Idaho and there are several companies in the sector including Hewlett-Packard.

Real Estate

The average home price in the region rose by a remarkable 35.4% year over year to $516,725. Sale prices were also up 4% compared to the prior quarter.

Average Income

As of May 12, 2021, the average income annual pay for the Average jobs category in Idaho is $58,479 an year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $28.11 an hour. This is the equivalent of $1,125/week or $4,873/month.


There are many industries in the Idaho economy. Agriculture is still a strong feature of the Idaho economy.

Idaho produces about a third of the country’s potatoes. The state is also a producer of wheat. The largest barrel cheese factory in the world is in Idaho. It is also strongly involved in energy production. The state is also a major beer producer and is home to three Anheuser-Busch breweries.

Crime Rankings

The state’s violent and property crime rates fall far below the national average and high numbers of residents protect themselves and their property. This could explain why 74% of Idahoans feel safe in their state—compared to 55% nationally. Idahoans were also the least concerned about package theft third-least concerned over police violence, and sixth-least concerned about gun violence and overall safety. And what’s more, concern over safety in Idaho has dropped consistently year over year.

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