Moving to Idaho From California

Is Idaho a good place to live?

Moving to Idaho from California is a great move for people who want access to beautiful scenery and a robust economy. If you love high-density, big-city living, Idaho is not the place for you, but if your dreams include homeownership and plenty of time outdoors, moving to Idaho is a solid plan.

Idaho is one of America’s best-kept secrets.  That secret seems to have spilled out as thousands of Californians move to the Gem State.

Most people will judge the area they are going to be living in on standards such as cost of living, home prices, rental rates, and safety. Based on the above factors, the best places to live in Idaho include Boise, Moscow, Sun Valley, Sugar City, Meridian, Ketchum, Eagle, Ammon, Hailey, Garden City, Pocatello, Idaho Falls, Rexburg, Hayden, and St. Anthony.


Cost of Living

The cost of living in Idaho is much cheaper than in California.  Houses, Energy, Food, and just about everything else is far more affordable for Idahoans.

the price of groceries, utilities, and housing is unique to each state and city. Even the dollar’s worth fluctuates across the United States. Well, great news for you. Boise’s cost of living is eight percent lower than the national average, meaning things like utilities, groceries, and housing tend to be cheaper than in other parts of the country.

Let’s take California, for example, The cost of living in Vacaville is 30 percent higher than in Boise currently. Also, sales tax in Idaho is around six percent compared to California’s seven-point twenty-five.


Home Prices

The median home cost in Idaho is just below three hundred and thirty-five thousand, while California’s median home cost is much higher at five hundred and seventy-eight thousand. Idaho is actually one of the least expensive states for utilities.

Living in Idaho, you could expect to spend around three hundred fifty dollars on Internet water, electricity, gas, and cable. So if you’re coming from some pricey area like that, your wallet might like Idaho just as much as you do to paint the whole picture for you.

The cost of living, especially housing costs, is on the rise with more people choosing to live here in Idaho over other areas.



When it comes to job opportunities, it becomes clear why so many people think of moving to Boise. The unemployment rate in the city is only 2.3% – it is lower than in Idaho and around the country. Moreover, the job market is constantly growing because many companies open their headquarters in Boise. The highest salaries are in such industries as mining and extraction, utilities, manufacturing, professional and technical services, etc. The major employers are the representatives of healthcare, education, information technology, and retail industries.


Good Education

Previously, Idaho was among the least attractive places for education, but this situation has changed dramatically. Now Boise public schools are considered rather challenging and the high school graduation statistics are rather impressive – 94.4% of students in comparison with the national average of 87.3%. Moreover, Boise State University is one of the popular higher educational institutions. Today, the city can boast a very high number of educated people – 40.9% of local residents have a Bachelor’s degree (the national percentage is only 30.9). The number of college graduates is also higher – 26.6% vs 19.1%.


Traffic Issues

Traffic issues are rare and minimal compared to hours of car time in California.  The longest commute in the Treasure Valley is thirty minutes and that’s on a busy day.


Low Crime Rate

What makes Boise a really appealing place for relocation is its safety. Despite the fact that the state has the 6th highest gun ownership rate, there are few chances to become a victim. If to compare the Boise crime rate with the national average one, property crimes are almost at the same level, but the number of violent crimes is lower by one-third.


Idaho People are Friendly

Idaho People are friendly.  New Gem State Residents are shocked that people will introduce themselves to total strangers.  People will let you give you the right away whether you’re in traffic or at the mall.

Retiring in Idaho is a great option for those seeking an active retirement. Because many of the cities given below lie along the Snake River or rest near a National Park, they offer plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities. … plus, the best places to retire aren’t just about fun activities.

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