Though California and Oregon are both located in the USA and on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, there is a great difference between these states. When you ask Californians moving to Oregon about the benefits of relocation, you will be impressed by how long this list can be. But if you still doubt whether you should exchange California for Oregon and look for advice, learn both the benefits and drawbacks of moving to decide if the following reasons to move to Oregon are significant personally to you.

Oregon may be a blend of rugged coastline and scenic mountains with a light marine climate. Packed filled with outdoor recreation opportunities, a reputation for microbreweries and occasional roasters, and top it off with a growing tech industry, it’s understandable why Oregon continues to be a top destination for those looking to relocate.


1. Greenery

The green trees that tower over the mountains and beaches along the coast aren’t the only way when you live in Oregon to get in touch with nature. Additionally, the state provides one of the lowest carbon footprints found in the USA.

2. Quiet Environment

Even if you prefer living in a village or city, you can find there are plenty of large open spaces with smaller towns where you can have plenty of room for yourself.

3. Stunning Coastlines

Oregon is home to some of the world’s best beaches. There are more than 360 miles to explore along the coastline, with Highway 101 carrying you all the way.

4. No Sales Tax

The federal sales tax rate in Oregon is 0 percent, according to Avalara. Rather than taxing sales to raise taxes, the state is now imposing a higher federal income tax.


1. Problematic Traffic

Portland is renowned for its traffic jams thanks to the bridge system that you are forced to cross as you drive around the area.

2. Crime rate

Oregon has a significantly higher overall crime rate than other states for both property and violent crime according to FBI data.

3. Beaches

None of the Oregon beaches can be compared to ones located in California

4. Climate

People from across the country (California Especially) are considering moving to Oregon because of the Mediterranean-style climate. With the state sitting next to the Pacific Ocean, the climate and weather are tremendously influenced by this. The western side of the state that borders the Pacific Ocean is fairly wet. In fact, you can expect around 70 days of sunshine year-round. The dry days are mostly in the summer with the rainy, cloudy days hanging around in the fall and winter months. The western side of the state also stays a few degrees cooler than the eastern side of the state. The average summer temperature sits at 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

The eastern side of Oregon is on the dryer side of things much like many parts of California. After all, the southeastern corner of Oregon shares a desert with Nevada. This dryer climate is largely due to the Cascade Mountains that split down the center of the state. Don’t be fooled though! Eastern Oregon still receives a healthy dose of rain every year. You can also count on Eastern Oregon to be a few degrees warmer during the summertime.


I am not surprised that any Californian has transportation concerns when relocating to another state. When you’re used to frantic rush hours, stalled highway jams, and drivers filled with road rage, how could you NOT ask about transportation? Let me reassure you that transportation in Oregon is effortless and easily accessible. If that doesn’t give you a sigh of relief, I don’t know what else will!

However, please keep in mind that if you don’t have your own personal vehicle, the bigger cities and communities would be the best place for you to relocate. They are well-equipped with public transportation. Much of the state of Oregon is still full of wide-open spaces with very few people.

There are 5 bus services throughout the state:

  • Greyhound
  • Amtrak
  • Rogue Valley Transportation District
  • TriMet
  • Cherriots

There are 4 airports throughout the state:

  • Portland International Airport
  • Port of Astoria
  • Salem Municipal Airport
  • Bend

There is one railway company in the state:

  • Amtrak

And might I add that Oregon highly encourages folks in the larger communities and cities to walk or bike wherever they go. You’ll find biking lanes EVERYWHERE. And honestly, people who live in big cities prefer to transport on their bicycles as it saves money on fuel AND helps maintain the waistline.

Schools and Colleges

Oregon believes in the importance of value education. Many Oregonians boast of their state’s ability to properly educate the younger population by comparing it to expensive private school instruction. The difference between the public and private education system is little to nothing! If you’re curious to further investigate Oregon’s public school system, then visit the Oregon Department of Education website. You won’t be disappointed.

Cost of Living

Before you take the plunge and consider moving to Oregon, it’s wise to investigate the cost of living in your place of interest. After all, you don’t want to seek a better life to only fall further down the rabbit hole, do you?

When researching the cost of living for each state, you will see that the U.S. average cost of living sits at 100. Anything above that number is considered higher than the U.S. average and anything lower than that number is considered below the U.S. average, according to the Cost of Living Indices.

With that being said, California’s cost of living sits at a painful 149. That’s a whopping 49 points ABOVE the U.S. average. Ouch. No wonder you’re wanting to venture into Oregon!

Oregon’s cost of living sits at 113. While that is still above the U.S. average for the cost of living, it is considerably lower than California’s. This means that you can relocate to Oregon and enjoy the smaller population, the breathtaking views, and the serene lifestyle. (And believe it or not, the citizens of Oregon are VERY friendly folks!)

Moving To Oregon – Housing

The Oregon housing market is somewhat competitive. The average sale price of a home in Oregon was $330K last month, down 0.6% since last year. The average sale price per square foot in Oregon is $165, up 10.0% since last year.

October to December

Many home buyers consider “fall” the best time of year to buy a house because of price reductions. Because home sellers tend to list their homes in the spring, sellers whose houses haven’t sold yet may be motivated to find buyers, and prices start to reflect that.


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