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We offer unbeatable rates and provide the attentive customer service that you deserve. We are experts in the auto transport industry, with a comprehensive understanding of regulations, procedures, and technologies.

We guarantee on-time arrivals and deliver across the United States. Real Movers has the reputation and careful approach you’re looking for to transport any car, RV, motorcycle, truck, or boat. Selecting our services ensures the honesty, security, and affordability you are looking for!

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We have over 10 years of experience, have shipped over 30,000 cars, and have millions of miles of coast-to-coast auto transport experience. Due to this, our high-quality car delivery services are renowned across the United States. Overall, we ship many types of vehicles— from cars, motorcycles; to ATVs, RVs, and heavy equipment.

Car Shipping

Car shipping across country quick and safe!

No matter if you have a car, truck, motorcycle, or even tall, heavy equipment, we can handle it. No matter where you want the vehicle picked up or dropped off, we are there with you every step of the way. All of our car delivery services come with complimentary door-to-door delivery. For these reasons, so many customers have relied on us for their car shipping service needs.

Our Auto Transport Services

Learn more about our nationwide auto transport services
and see what makes us the best in the business.

Auto Transport Direct
Auto Transport Direct

Door to Door auto transport is the best option for anyone wanting their car shipped as quickly as possible. Door-to-door car shipping is the most convenient method of auto transport. You select a specific address for your vehicle to be picked up
and dropped off.

Auto Transport Enclosed
Auto Transport Enclosed

Enclosed car transport is a type of auto transport that adds protection for vehicles. It's a great car shipping option if you need to transport a classic or luxury car. From Audi and BMW to Chevrolet and Tesla, Real Movers has many years of experience transporting major car brands safely and securely.

Motorcycle Transport Services
Motorcycle Transport Services

With our extensive experience, you can count on us to provide the motorcycle shipping service you need. We strive to protect your bike during the motorcycle shipping process. Our motorcycle transport services include moving ATV’s, dirt bikes, trikes, and sidecars nationwide for you.

Auto Transport FAQs

How much does it cost to ship a car?

The cost will be based on a couple of things; pickup and delivery locations, distance, open or enclosed, type of vehicle, and vehicle’s condition. To get the exact cost of your vehicle transport, we recommend speaking to our transport specialists with the specifics about your transport.

Can I place items in my vehicle?

The Department of Transportation prohibits the transport of household goods (personal belongings) in vehicles being transported. Personal items are not insured by the carrier’s insurance. An auto carrier can be fined and your items can be confiscated during routine inspections.

How long does it take to ship a vehicle?

It all depends on the location and destination of the vehicle. On average vehicle, transports take 1-2 weeks. Pickup times can be anywhere from 1-3 days and an additional 5-8 days for delivery.

How far in advance should I book?

To better meet your pickup and delivery requirements, we suggest you schedule your vehicle transport a week in advance. If you are in need of expedite auto transport we have those services available.

Do you guarantee pick-up/delivery date?

No – Although we are very accurate with our pickup/delivery dates, we do request a 3-4 day window for most common metropolitan areas and a 5-6 day window for uncommon areas.

Can I track my vehicle for status update?

Yes – You can contact us via phone or email to request a vehicle status. Just provide us with your order number or vehicle type and pickup/delivery locations.

Can I transport an inoperable vehicle?

Yes – We can transport non-running vehicles. Although your vehicle is inoperable, it must still roll, steer and break properly. Make sure you communicate to our transport specialist that your car is non-operational.