Why Is Everyone Moving To Idaho? – Fastest Growing State

Moving to Idaho which is one of the fastest-growing states in the U.S., it’s no secret that people have been fleeing from California and New York for a while now, but where did they all go? Well, until now, most of these people ended up in Texas or Florida recently. However, the trend seems to be shifting towards several Western states, with Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah claiming the top four fastest-growing states in the U.S.

Oftentimes, when you hear about the state of Idaho, you just think potatoes and farmers, while this is a portion of the state, this is not what’s attracting so many people there.


In fact, Idaho is far from being limited to just those traits starting off. Idaho offers housing that you cannot find anywhere else. The typical home value of homes in Idaho is $315,911. This value is seasonally adjusted and only includes the middle price tier of homes. Idaho home values have gone up 11.4% over the past year and Zillow predicts they will rise 8.2% in the next year


And these prices are just as good for renters. You can often find a one-bedroom apartment in Boise, which is the capital of the state, for under five hundred dollars. If you want to rent a house, you can get one for about seven hundred and fifty dollars. Moving on, these housing options should be a piece of cake to afford due to the outstanding job market in Idaho.



Now, jobs in Idaho are not only plentiful but also diverse. Do you often associate Idaho with agriculture?

Agriculture only accounts for 15 percent of the workforce in the state. The other most prominent job industries in Idaho include health care, the government, and, of course, the booming tech center. The technology industry in Idaho grew by a solid 2.8 percent in 2020, which was the fifth-highest percentage increase in the nation. Furthermore, these tech workers are getting compensated quite well at over 87000 dollars a year on average. While this does lag behind many states within the U.S., given the significantly lower cost of living, you’ll find that this money lasts a lot longer than in most other places. Overall, this vast range of options has helped create an unemployment rate now of just two point nine percent. So most people who want a job can get one.

But one drawback is that Idaho does have decent sized state taxes with income taxes ranging between approximately one to seven percent and sales taxes, which are six percent plus any local sales taxes on the bright side. Idaho has no inheritance tax, so you don’t have to worry about getting taxed while transferring wealth to your children anyway. Though Idaho is miles better than California and New York, they are nonetheless not the most attractive branching off of finances. Idaho has a great community.

Idaho is one of the safest places to live in the U.S. as a rank, as the fifth safest state. Additionally, Idaho cities are known to be very clean and organized. You’ll find virtually no litter and trash the big cities are often plagued with. Of course, Idaho has had it easy for a while now as they had a small population to support. But so far they’ve managed to keep their cities clean despite the growing populations. Idaho has also really been focused on converting to clean energy sources.

Idaho has grown to be one of the leaders in clean energy consumption, and they have actually pledged to become 100 percent dependent on clean energy by 2045. While this sounds like a fairy tale like the Green New Deal, Idaho is already not very dependent on fossil fuels. So this could actually become a reality today. Almost 50 percent of the state’s power is derived from just hydroelectricity compared to the measly seven percent national average. When you add in wind, solar and other source of clean energy, you’ll see that Idaho gets well over half their power from clean energy sources, paving the way for the rest of the U.S. while they aren’t contributing much to climate change.

Idaho does have a lot of climate changes throughout the year. Idaho doesn’t have the most optimal climate with sunny days year-round. But at the same time, they aren’t always chilly either, rather. Idaho has actually won the most diverse climates in the U.S. as they experience a full four seasons. Plus, even in the winter, you won’t have to worry about traffic congestion due to snow. Idaho doesn’t have many traffic jams, but this may become more of a problem as they continue to grow.

Unless, of course, you take public transit until you realize it’s almost nonexistent.

Unfortunately, Idaho’s public transportation is not the best as in, it’s pretty bad, but viable. Restitution for driving is walking Idogawa cities are mostly commutable without a motor vehicle. In fact, many retirees merely only walk or bike around the cities. Speaking of traveling on the weekends, the typical social activities are harder to come by. But Idaho has its own set social activities, specifically parks. Idaho has over 30 state parks and national parks, including StockTwits Wilderness and Yellowstone National Park.

You can also partake in many famous festivals like Spa Day, which is dedicated to the icon of Idaho, the potato. And finally, one thing that Idaho has that many other states like is a peaceful, relaxing life. Many people who live in bustling cities for several years and just want to sell Darran companies to Idaho as it is one of the few states left within the U.S. In the end, given the strong career opportunities, low cost of living, decent tax rate, nice climate, and laid back life, it’s no wonder why so many people are moving to Idaho.

Not only this, but considering the constantly rising cost of living and mounting job pressure within urban centers, people are just looking for something less stressful. Of course, Idaho has plenty of drawbacks, like a subpar education system and lack of diversity.

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