When you are imagining your future, you’re probably thinking about living in other, more attractive places. If you are still indecisive, you need to compare the reasons for moving to Tennessee and the reasons not to move here.

I’m going to be sharing with each category which state has it better, or if there are both states that do not have anything better. And I’m just going to say neither, which is the first one is neither. For California and Tennessee


1. the weather in California is way better. Everyone knows that California’s weather is beautiful.

It is always not always, but most of the time, sunny and there are clear skies. It doesn’t rain very much. Hence why the state has been in drought for a long time And it’s really beautiful weather, Now Tennessee weather is so unpredictable. You can dress for what the weather app says and it will completely change by the end of the day. And you’ll be soaked because of the rain.

Rain just happens for rain reasons all the time. And it can be super hard to dress for the weather. And some people really do hate the weather here. It does snow here. People have been asking that it probably snowed about four times this year and we got a lot of ice.

But yes, California wins in the weather category.

2. This next category is going to Tennessee and it is people are so friendly. They are so nice to you. People talk to you at the grocery store for like fifteen minutes at least. Working in retail has been really interesting because most people do want to spend the time to talk to you and they just want to stay in your store for a long time and talk and shop around like it’s just a fun activity. And I just think overall Tennesseans are pretty social versus Californians pretty much keep to themselves unless they are.

Do you have friends? Of course, but Californians don’t really go out of their way to make new friends. And it can be very hard to adjust to life in California when you don’t already have friends versus being here in Tennessee

We have a lot of people and heard a lot of awesome stories. Tennessee wins on the people’s side.

3. Tennessee also wins on the pricing side. And you probably have heard this before, but California is one of the most expensive places to live in. And that’s why Tennessee has such a low cost of living, Rent is super cheap. Gas is super cheap.

Although Tennessee is so cheap. Minimum wage and seven twenty-five versus last I checked in California it was eleven or twelve was minimum wage. So it really gives and takes seven twenty-five. It’s not a lot of money but it’s a lot cheaper to live here versus eleven to twelve dollars an hour, but it’s a lot more expensive to live there.

So it really evens out when you think about it. Obviously, Tennessee wins on the pricing side because it’s just so much easier to pay for things here.

4. Another thing that goes to Tennessee is education, and the city’s Tennessee is actually known for having some of the best schools in the state. but here in Tennessee, the majority of kids do really well in school and they go to great colleges.

5. Tennessee obviously is known for Southern food.

You got your barbecued chicken, you got your baked beans, mashed potatoes, corn, that genre. American food is really good here. But where in California is a primarily Mexican town. So I’m going to say that food in either state is OK and there are good things in both states. But I don’t think one state is superior when it comes to food.

6. There are a lot more cops in Tennessee, so that is a good thing because it actually can make you feel safer when there are cops literally everywhere. It can also be a bad thing if you tend to speed on the road. So there are good and bad things that snap. But I would say that the safety overall in the state is amazing. In California, there are places that do feel safe, but the majority of the cities are not that safe and there are not a lot of cops around.

7. Tennessee doesn’t really feel the need to have buildings all over the place versus in California. There are buildings everywhere and it can feel a little bit cluttered and a little bit claustrophobic, whereas Tennessee, is very spacious. So that’s why Tennessee gets the space for these two things to go together.

8. Tennessee has a lot fewer rules and they assume that people have common sense versus California. There are so many rules and they do not assume that people have guns.

Whereas in Tennessee, there are a lot fewer rules. It’s a lot easier to move here versus in California. There are a lot of regulations. And I think that just goes with the politics, whereas Tennessee is a more conservative state and California is a Democratic state.

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