Moving to California (5 TIPS FOR MOVING)

If you are thinking about moving to California now, and you have somebody else moving with you, it’s going to be a lot easier. But if you’re going to do this on your own, I believe there are a few things that you should be aware of and that you should really take seriously if you are going to move there on your own.

So, number one, all that good stuff. No one is make sure that you have a good savings. What I would suggest is at least five thousand dollars. And honestly, this is not even going to get you that far, but it’s going to at least get you started and get you moving in the right direction to actually, you know, start creating a life here. So if you don’t have at least five thousand dollars, I would not suggest moving here because you’re going to be in a very, very tough spot, working check to check and just struggling to get by. So five thousand dollars. The reason why I say this is when you move into your apartment or your condo or whatever going to be living in, you’re going to have to pay security deposit and first month’s rent. Now, it’s not cheap in Los Angeles.

So if you’re going to do a studio just to be aware if your studio is sixteen hundred dollars a month, you’re most likely going to have to pay your first month up front. Sixteen hundred and the security deposit, which is equal to the first month’s rent, you’re going to be paying thirty two hundred dollars right out of pocket just to get a place to live, which leaves you with an eighteen hundred dollar safety net, which is not very much.

So that’s why I said five thousand at the absolute minimum, because if you had three or four thousand three three thousand you can’t even do it. Four thousand. You only got eight The reason why I think these are great ideas is the number one. Airbnb is great because it’s temporary. You can rent one month there. You’re not on a lease. If you decide that you hate Los Angeles after a month or two, you can pack up your things and you can move back to where you’re from or move on to a brand new city. If you get into an apartment and you sign a six month, 12 month lease and now you are fully locked in and committed for that six to 12 months, which means you can’t just leave.

If you do, they’re going to come after you for the rent. You’re probably going to get sued by the landlord for the remainder of the rent or you have the option to break the lease early, which is like typically equal to one month rent. Plus, you have to give 30 to 60 day notice. So not a great position to be in if it’s not somewhere that you one hundred percent are sure and set on being. So Airbnb is a great way to do that temporarily to rent month by month.

The other thing would be to get a roommate if possible. And the reason why I say this is I move there on my own. And while I’ve always been an only child and I’ve never really had roommates except while I was in college, I think it’s a great idea to get a roommate when you are moving to a new city. The reason why is you probably don’t know anybody. And if you don’t know anybody, it’s going to be very hard to meet other people unless you are very outgoing, you’re very social, in which case you’re probably not going to live by yourself anyway.

So the reason is it’s going to be very hard for you to actually get out and have the courage to meet people. If you are an introvert, if you are living by yourself, you don’t have much interaction with other people, especially if you’re not going to a normal job. You’re not being around co-workers and other things. It’s going to be very, very difficult. And I speak from personal experience because that was me in Los Angeles. The best way that I met people living there was at the gym and at church.

Those were the two places that I met, the best people that I actually clicked and got along with. But it’s a great idea when you first move there, because initially it is very, very hard to meet new people. And the next tip is going to be to pick where you live extremely carefully. Before I moved there, I visited and flew in and I looked at tons of different places all around Los Angeles to live anywhere from South Bay, which is like Manhattan Beach area to Santa Monica to North Hollywood, to Van Nuys to to Hollywood and to downtown.

I literally looked at apartments in every single area to see where I wanted to live. The reason why is, although things may seem close on a map, they may seem close by your mileage distance. Things are not very close because traffic is terrible. It is going to take you almost an hour or over an hour, some nights to go from Venice Beach to West Hollywood. It did that for me plenty of times, going from Venice Beach to West Hollywood around six, seven o’clock, which obviously is rush hour.

It took me over an hour to go about nine miles. So just. Be aware, even though things may seem like they’re very close, they really are not in reality. So if you’re going to be spending a lot of time, say, in Santa Monica, but then you’re going to live in North Hollywood, that is going to be a terrible commute for you to be doing on a daily basis or even just a couple of times a week.

It’s going to be very stressful. You’re putting yourself at risk for more of an accident. You’re wasting a ton of time in traffic. So just pick where you live very, very carefully based on where you’re going to spend the most time. The next step would be to have some sort of an income lined up. If you do YouTube, if you have a business or whatever, something that you’re taking with you, where you already have money or maybe you have a large portion of savings, then you will be just fine.

But if you’re moving here without a job, without any source of income, first thing you want to do if you have a car is registered for Uber, Lyft, GrubHub, Amazon, door, dash, every single thing that you possibly can. That way when you get there, you can initially start doing these things. Now you are going to have to get your California driver’s license, your California registration. You’re going to have to get all this shifted over.

And it does take a few weeks. So again, that’s why you need to have that five thousand dollars, because you’re probably going to have to eat into a little bit of that for your first month while you’re still transitioning. But doing these type of jobs allows you no one to have flexibility. So if you are somebody who’s trying to interview for jobs, you can actually still work around that interview and still be able to make money. So if somebody calls you and they need to interview you at eleven thirty in the morning, well, you just don’t turn your Uber app on that morning.

You go to your interview and the interview is done, then you can work in the afternoon. So it’s a very flexible, easy way for you to still look for work and find work in the meantime

The final tip that I want to give you is network, network, network. You are living in one of the best cities to meet people because there is just so many different people here. There is people from Australia, Canada, the US, Europe, Africa, Asia, every single walk of life you are going to come across when living in Los Angeles because there’s just so many damn people. And this is great because no matter what it is that you are interested in, you will find people who like what you like and you will be able to meet the right people, because at the end of the day, if you’re going to make it in Los Angeles, it’s not about what you know, your degree, your piece of paper does not matter.

What matters is who you know and can you make the right relationships while you’re here. And this goes for really anywhere that you’re living. A lot of people think that just because they have a college degree and a lot of people now are starting to find this out after they get the degree that it doesn’t really guarantee you anything. There is tons of times where I’ve applied for a job

So it is all about who, you know, when you are looking for your professional career and how to advance your life in that aspect. So those are my tips for actually moving to Los Angeles. If you are going to do it on your own, we’ll just recap these real quick. No one have at least five thousand dollars in savings so that you can actually pay for your first month, your security deposit, all that good stuff. Get a roommate if possible, so that you actually know somebody.

Now start with Uber, start with Lyft, start with these apps that allow you to work when you want as many hours as you want so that you can actually schedule an interview and have that flexibility built into your schedule. And the last one would be to network, network and network with as many people as possible so that you can meet the right people, you can know the right people and don’t burn any bridges because you never know when that contact may come in handy in the future for you to actually have some sort of an opportunity and if you’re burning bridges then you’re just burning opportunities so that is my suggestions for you, if you are looking to move to Los Angeles. Be ready for this amazing experience. Good luck!

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