Pros and Cons of Living in Aurora, CO

Aurora is a great place to live because it houses a lot of fine people who care about their community. Aurora has a lot of parks that encourage recreational activities for the rising generation in order to promote healthy living, exercise, and making friendships all while having a great time.

Aurora, Colorado is the state’s third-largest city, and it’s known for its cultural food, artistic exhibits, outdoor recreation, and relaxing atmosphere. Sailing, golfing, art, fast-pitch softball, and live theater are examples of common things to do in the city.

Whether you’re considering relocation to Aurora or already planning on moving here, you’re going to want to know the pros and cons of living here.

We’re going to get right into the top pros and cons of living in Aurora, Colorado. All right, guys, here we go. 


List of the Pros of Living in Aurora

1. It’s cheaper than Denver

First, on the list, it’s cheaper than Denver. It’s still close to Denver and still close proximity to a lot of different things. The airport, the mountains, Colorado Springs. But you don’t have to pay the price for Denver. The biggest difference that you’re going to find as far as affordability between Aurora and Denver is housing, including rent and mortgages

So if you are wanting to move to Colorado, but the cost of living is a little bit higher than you’re probably used to, Aurora is a phenomenal option. It’s personally one of my favorite cities in Colorado and we’re going to kind of get into it. War really looks like here in just a little while. But there’s a lot of older communities that are up and coming that are getting retailing. You have a whole brand new community in the southeast of your side, got tons of different options as far as single-family homes, townhomes, condos.

but again, proximity-wise, we are just southeast of Denver, and the travel to the airports or to the springs or to the mountains, even though you’re on that southeast side of Denver, you can still have within an hour.

2. Surrounded by Shops and Stores

Number two on the list, because Aurora is the third-largest city in Colorado and because it’s been around for a long time and because it’s well developed, you know, you’ve got some newer sites that are still getting developed right now on the south side. Some of those have been here for as long as a decade. So shopping, whether it’s food and drink, it’s groceries. It’s getting your hair cut. It’s a liquor store, whatever it may be. You literally from the far north end of Aurora to the far southeast end of Aurora.

You can’t go a quarter mile without finding a gas station on every intersection or grocery store, bars, and grills that you guys might need as far as living out here. And not one to commute to Denver, but still having some fun things to do in the evening, whether it’s a movie theater or grabbing a bite to eat. Still a great place to be.

Right. But if you’re moving outside of Denver, nothing beats Aurora as far as having that grocery store right around the corner, having a gas station just down the street, having all the major chain restaurants around there. and Aurora is massive like he said. But in addition to that, you don’t have to go very far for what you’re looking for.

3. Family Oriented Place

Movie theaters, museums, the old Colfax Theater, a lot of historical things in northern Aurora. And I think this is something that’s just consistent Colorado-wide. Guys, whatever suburbia or whatever outskirt you are outside of Denver, all the parks and creeks and water lines. So, for example, in Aurora, you have Cherry Creek Reservoir. You also have a rural reservoir, just a ton of stuff to do, not only for yourself, whether it’s active in exercising or you want to bring your family or you just want to go hang out and read a book and relax in a park, you literally cannot go more than a mile without finding some stuff like that.

So definitely a benefit to Aurora. It’s vast. You have as much of that as you can handle without having to travel too far. It’s right there in City Hall. And in addition to that, speaking specifically to families, if you live in one of the Aurora suburban neighborhoods, chances are you’ve got a badass rec center. You can go, you can hit the gym, you can hit the pool.

There’s a ton of dog parks out there. Aurora is really, really big on community living. And you see those rec centers everywhere, especially in the southeastern portion where things can be a little bit newer and they’re a little bit more in tune with a lot more new communities where people want.

List of the Cons of Living in Aurora

And now on to the cons of living in Aurora.

1. The Aurora Stigma

The first one on the list. We got to address it right out of the gate. And that’s the stigma of Aurora. So a lot of people here call it North Aurora.

The bottom line is when we talk about Aurora, you’ve got a northern side, which is what people call Aurora or north Aurora. Crime rates tend to be a little bit higher than the average. So death is some difficulties there. However, there’s a lot of rebuilding there with a shoots campus of the College Medical Center, Children’s Medical Center. So some things to look for there. We see neighborhoods and appreciation levels as high, 16 percent over there.

The flipside of that coin is going to be southeast or we have parts of Centennial that kind of pop in and out of southeast Aurora, but. It’s night and day as far as being by your reservoir palms upwards of two or three dollars million, the average out there is five and a half, sometimes six and a half, depending on the neighborhood. Very new, very modern, very family-oriented, very park-oriented, very oriented night and day as far as what they look like.

So if you’re from Colorado and but you’re unfamiliar with Aurora or if you’re moving from out of state and you’re curious, keep an open mind. Definitely make sure you expose yourself to all angles, especially southeast Aurora.

2. Lack of Scenery

So number two on the con list for Aurora, which is correct, we’re not talking about some desert town in Nevada or something. And Flagstaff, Arizona, nothing like not the Flagstaff that bad. But any time in Arizona, you do have mountain views from Aurora, especially southeast Aurora, because the elevation gets a little higher and it tends to look down as it looks west. However, as far as anything inside of that city, like a boulder, like a Colorado Springs, no, you don’t have mountains or huge foothills or huge trails or any type of mount life actually in Aurora, nor do you have a The war tends to be very suburban.

You do have some community centers. You don’t but you don’t have like a Denver tech center. You do have Colefax, which has the old Fox Theater in it, but you don’t have like a ton of mountains or foothills centrally located in that city. However, we are to sell tourism Newbold’s yesterday in southeast Aurora, overlooking the reservoir, breathtaking views. You can see the mountains, you can see the reservoir. It was phenomenal, the wind blowing.

3. Crime Rate

Third on our list for cons is going to be the environment.

Now, it’s not significantly higher, but Aurora as a whole tends to be a little bit above the average as far as the national average of crime that could be due to it because it’s a large city, could be due to it’s so much close to Denver, which is an even larger city.

Most of your connections being that northern area from I guess from my lens, however, it is slightly higher than average. So it is something that you’re going to want to consider depending on where in Aurora you want to live. Aurora is one of the older cities in Colorado, it is one of the most developing right now still.

So a lot of these crime rates, this is out of old data. You’re seeing these progressively get better and better and better as these areas get redeveloped and rejuvenated, things are improving. So, again, don’t let that deter you. The same neighborhoods with maybe a higher crime rate are still appreciating like crazy. So there’s a lot of pros to kind of go along with that. But again, just something that we thought you guys should be aware of do your research, find out for yourself, find out what you’re comfortable with and what you’re not. Compare it to other cities nationally or in Colorado.

I do feel like the positives of living in Aurora far outweigh the negatives. If you’re considering moving to Aurora, We’d love to help make your transition to Aurora as smooth as possible.

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